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The Special Couple: Newsha + Hooman


Hooman and I met four years ago at Coogee Pavilion through friends. I remember that weekend, my sister-in-law and nephew were visiting from Adelaide, and when they left on Sunday morning, I was too tired to go out. I had already made plans with my friend, which I didn't want to cancel, so I thought I would go for a quick drink. I didn't care if we went to Bondi or Coogee Pavilion, so I let my friends choose. But little did I know that my soulmate was in Coogee! My friend introduced me to his friend, Hooman, and we all sat together and started talking. Hooman followed me on Instagram, and our love story began. Much later, Hooman also said the only reason he was at that club that day was that his friend insisted on going otherwise, he didn't want to go either. Now we are both glad we went out that Sunday afternoon.  

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On Saturday 23 January 2021 I thought I was going to a friend's birthday party. I got all dressed up and ready to go and celebrate her but little did I know all our close friends were gathered to celebrate me! Never in my life, was I surprised like that, It was such a magical moment that I got to share with my dearest friends.

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We didn't have a theme per se, but we knew we wanted the styling to be timeless, classic, fun and represent our characters. Hooman is a musical person and a fantastic guitarist, so instead of table numbers, we decided to give each table an instrument name. Since our big day was in autumn in Australia, my florist suggested using orange and red colours for the flowers on the bridal table and have the ceremony match the season. I loved the idea. My bridesmaids' dresses were emerald green, and I wanted to bring that colour to the venue too, so my bestfriend designed our cake with a green element. For our little gift to the guests, we made fridge magnets with everyone's photo and placed them on their table instead of their names. Everyone loved the idea. The centrepieces, we kept it simple with candelabras and it made the room super dreamy.

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I wanted my look to be stylish and modern, timeless and classic but also in line with the rest of my decor. I didn't have any inspiration at first, but I found that once I bought my dress, everything else fell into place, so I guess you could say my dress inspired the rest of my look.

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My first wedding dress shopping appointment was with Eternal Bridal. I followed Eternal Bridal on Instagram long before getting engaged, and I always knew my first stop would be there, and it didn't disappoint. My wedding dress stylist Fusae was very helpful and friendly. She guided me through the appointment and was very understanding of all the issues and uncertainties that came with Covid. She made the whole process super easy and stress-free for me. The other wedding dresses I had tried on didn't compare with the Leandra gown by Le Lee Studio. Once it was on, that was it - I didn't want to try on any other dresses! I felt like a true princess.

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We loved every single moment of our special day, we had an amazing bridal party whom we had so much fun preparing everything with, they went above and beyond for us. We practiced our entrance and our group dance together and had so much fun. But if I had to choose a highlight it will be our first dance to "Nothing else matters" by Metallica. Hooman and I both love this song and practiced 7 months every single night. It was the magical moment of the night where it was only me and him on the dance floor dancing to our special song.



I guess it's cliché for a reason, but I would probably say, "It goes quickly! Enjoy as much of your special day and the lead-up to it because it really does happen in the blink of an eye!" Before you know it, the night is over. Stay true to how you and your partner want to celebrate your marriage and have fun!


Newsha wore Leandra wedding gown from bridal designer Le Lee Studio. See more wedding dresses from Blue by Enzoani Collection here.


Bridal gown: Le Lee Studio dress from Eternal Bridal
Flowers:  Moon magic floret 
Photographer & Videographer: Addrianned photography
Hair & Makeup: Neda Shakori 
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Le Montage